WhatsApp Business - APK, download for Android.


WhatsApp Business is a completely independent tool from the official WhatsApp client, the job of which is to manage various aspects of our business account that customers can contact through the standard chat of the messaging tool. The only condition is that it has been validated to have this status.

In the application, we can enter the data of the profile of our company, including the area to which it belongs, or if applicable, the physical address, information that appears publicly in the company file. We may also respond to customers who contact us and manage the auto response service with the personalized response we deem appropriate.

The advantage of this app is that it can coexist with the official client on the same Android device, each of which can work in parallel with a completely different account and associated phone number.

WhatsApp Business is an essential tool for businesses and businesses that want to interact with their customers through the world's most popular instant messaging service.

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