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Whatsapp messenger is a free messaging app available for Android and other smartphones used by WhatsApp Internet connection from 4G / 3g / 2g or WiFi from your phone so that you can message and make calls to your friends and family using WhatsApp in places where there is little signal, you can use it without any problem, send messages and receive photos, videos, documents, voice messages to make calls completely free.

Finally completely free because you should be using WhatsApp Well, since the app is completely free, WhatsApp uses the internet connection, as we explained to you some time ago. from 4G, 3g, 2g or via WiFi from your phone so you can send any kind of message and the best communication you can with your family in real time, when you make a video call you can add multiple people so that they are totally in one free video calling group.

WhatsApp Messenger has become the number one application, to be able to send totally easy, fast and free messages to any part of the world as it remains at the number 1 position in the leather uses millions of people every day because we can communicate with our loved ones to do any type call and even be able to send documents send photos videos among other very important files thanks to the application of the Whatsapp messenger.

The latest official version of WhatsApp Messenger with dark mode is already added.

Whatsapp messenger allows us to get files from multimedia send and receive photos, videos, documents and voice messages: because with it we can do any kind of thing, for example you can make a WhatsApp group with your family members of the most important thing and thus be able to make a small video call of 4 We also have the other option already fully available which would be dark mode which works in Find Chat settings Toggle dark mode on or off and you're done.

Whatsapp messenger you can make free calls, call your friends and family for free Even if you are in the other country, the calling function of WhatsApp uses your phone's internet connection instead of the calling plan, From your mobile phone provider the most important is that it will not consume much of your data And don't worry if you are connected to a WiFi network, you can talk as much as you want by video call or calls from WhatsApp .

The new official update of WhatsApp Messenger, fully available for any device with Android, we already have the new features that the application will add: like for example, new stickers which are already fully available, we already have dark mode already activated In the app you can do it manually, the other very important thing is that they add, new emojis and they fix lots of little bugs in the app which is why Messenger is going to be number one in free messaging.


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