WTF! How to GET THE FREE ELITE PASS in Free Fire 2021

Hello, how is such a crack my friend I know you are here to learn how to get the free elite pass for Free Fire 2021 and let you know if that is your goal you have come to the right place. Remember that today we will teach you a legal method with which you can get all the elite passes you want, remember that this method, although it is super easy, requires a minimum of work. .

How to get an Elite Pass 2021?

In this case I will teach you a method that I discovered to obtain totally free elite passes, in this case to obtain them you must have a smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection. Now I show you the list with all the requirements you need to have in order for this method to work for you… ..

  • Have a smartphone.
  • Be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Have 6.8 million available on your mobile.

How do I get free Elite Free Fire passes?

This time we will use the app ¨ Earn money - Easy Money¨, in case you don't know where to download it we will leave it in the description.

How to use the app to get the free elite pass 2020?

The app itself is used to make money in a very easy way, now you will be thinking why you are telling me about this if it says elite go into the title. Well now I explain the steps to use this app to have elite free shooting passes.

  1. Download the "Earn Money - Easy Money" app.
  2. Sign up, in case you have a referral code, you will get an amazing bonus just by signing up. Cool right?
  3. Now in the app you will get a series of missions such as: answering polls, testing games, among others.
  4. When you complete the missions, you will receive points which you can redeem for real money.
  5. This app pays via PayPal, so it is very important that you have already created a Paypal account.
  6. Once you have the money in your PayPal account, you can start purchasing any Elite Pass you want.

This is one of the few ways to get the new Elite Free Fire Pass for free and legally, by that we mean they won't have to worry about the happy ones. free shooting account ban.

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