Xender - APK, download for Android

Xender is a tool that allows us to transfer all kinds of files at breakneck speed between devices running the Android operating system. Instead of using Bluetooth or WiFi, Xender uses the NFC protocol of all the terminals involved in the transmission, which guarantees a speed four to forty times faster than that of normal Bluetooth.

With Xender, we can transfer almost anything on our Android device: contacts, files, images, music, videos and even apps. We just need to create a transfer group and of course we need to be close to the user we want to transfer our files to. This is very important: Xender will only work if the person we want to transfer the files to is nearby.

Once these conditions are met (users are nearby and have installed the app), Xender begins its magic. Thanks to this, we can perform file transfers between as many terminals as we want at incredible speed.

Xender is an outstanding file transfer tool characterized by its convenient user interface and transfer speed. Additionally, we can send files to five different devices at the same time.


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