You TV Player apk, download, latest version.

You TV Player is a video player for Android which, with the appropriate configuration, allows us to enjoy hundreds of streaming video channels directly from our terminal.

TV player users can play any video stored on their Android device's storage by simply selecting the “My Device” option from the drop-down menu on the left. However, if you switch to the “Help” option in the same area and click the “Request Help” button, you will receive a special password which can be used to unlock new features. It is important to note that this key may take a few minutes to arrive ... but it is arriving.

Once we have this password all we need to do is follow the steps given on the help page and in seconds we can play any available streaming video channel. We can find channels of movies, cartoons, sporting events, music, etc. everything at your fingertips.

Your TV player is a very special application that allows us to enjoy live TV in free quality from our Android terminal. Just "ask for help" and follow the steps.

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