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YouTube Go is an official app of Youtube which allows us to download videos to the memory of our device Android. This way we don't consume any data when we want to see a certain video and we don't have access to a WiFi network..

Although downloading videos is the most amazing thing, YouTube Go has a lot of other cool features. We can preview any video before streaming or downloading and we only see a few stills of the video content. In this way, we can minimize data consumption. In addition, we can also watch quality single videos.

Another cool feature of YouTube Go is that it allows us to send and receive videos that we have downloaded via Bluetooth. Thanks to this new feature, we don't spend KB to share our favorite videos with friends.

YouTube Go is an alternative YouTube client that is particularly interesting for users with slow or unstable internet connections. It is true that it does not have as many functions as the official YouTube app, but in return it does offer some very useful ones.

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