YouTube Music APK, download, for Android.

Youtube music it's a new one application music that makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for and discover new music. Receive lists of the reproduction and recommendations based on your activities, tastes and trends in your community.

A new YouTube music streaming service
● We bring you a completely reinvented music service with official versions of your favorite artists.

Find the music you love
● Easily find the albums, singles, concerts, covers and remixes you are looking for.
● Don't know the name of a song? Just find the letter or describe it.

Discover new music
● Receive music recommendations based on your taste, location and time of day.
● Go to the Hotlist tab so you don't miss the latest trends.

Smooth music with Music Premium
● Listen to music without ads.
● Forget interruptions: songs don't stop when you lock the screen or use other apps.
● Download your favorite music or let us do it for you by activating the auto mix function.

Get 1 month of Free Music Premium to listen to ad-free music offline and with your locked screen. The free trial is not available for users who already have a YouTube Premium or Google Play Music subscription, or for users of any of the services who have already had a 30-day trial. . Outside of trial periods, the monthly renewal fees for the Music Premium subscription are billed automatically.

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