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Zedge is an application for Android that allows us to download a large number of ringtones and wallpapers for our Android terminal free of charge. All this in high quality with high resolution images and crisp audio files.

Using Zedge is very easy. From the side menu we can choose what to look for: ringtones, “background images”, live wallpapers or sounds for notifications. In each of these sections we can find a wide range of categories with the most popular songs, sounds and images of the moment. Now we can also directly use the search box (at the top right corner of the interface) to find only the ringtone or wallpaper we want.

Another advantage of Zedge is that we can apply any content that we download directly from the app itself. In other words, we don't need to go to our device's options to set our new ringtone or live wallpaper, we can do it right from the app UI. In a few seconds we can free the "bottom".

Zedge Ringtones is a great personalization app for our Android device that allows us to give it a new look and sound every day. The amount of multimedia available to us is absolutely overwhelming.

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